Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Sir Paul, they don't call me Lady Amber and expect me to shop at TESCO. (Why, the very idea can unsettle one's sleep). I presume they don't expect me to shop at all. I mean, what self respecting title holder would; however, in the case of Gairnpark, I take great pride in what adorns my table. Therefore, nothing gives me more pleasure than taking Dorothy Parker to town and popping into Mellis to see what rare culinary discovery or wee bit of a juicy morsel might evolve, as was the case yesterday, to learn that the Queen herself eats six different cheeses a day. Now, how in heaven's name would I have learned about that if I shopped at TESCO. Not that I give a feather about what the Queen eats, you understand, though admittedly I find it titillating in a pedestrian sort of way to know on what The Royals dine and I must say she looks quite good for a woman of her age.

If I shopped at TESCO I wouldn't have had that lovely chat with the chap who runs the spice shop about Green City Wholefoods, the Glasgow company that procures the Scottish Blossom Honey you liked so much last night. Green City is one of many fledging organizations cropping up in the UK to bring us products closer to home and boycott those in countries where human rights are in short supply. (Not to mention stumbling into the charming co-op down from ODD BINS where the carrots in your lunch came from; another treasure trove lost had I done business with the devil.)

As it is, befitting those who reside in a manor house, every bite of food you take has been meticulously researched and carefully crafted. I may not personally know Gianni Calogiuri, the man who makes our olive oil, but Dan Mellis does and that narrows the gap to two degrees of separation, a good ratio by my standards. Even closer to home were the delicious potatoes and onions Charles and Annie brought from their garden at Cold Farm, a stop gap until ours come in next year.

Dearest, I'm afraid you're married to a woman who should have probably lived two centuries ago, without doubt, at least at the turn of the last, considering I relate, and sometimes more than I'd care to admit, to Clarissa Dalloway and her parties, but where else could we bring together a poet, a musician, a politician, a scholar, a carpenter and a sheepherder except at the table, preferably laden with the sweetest, most delicious bounty the earth can offer, without it bringing harm to the people who cultivate it for us nor to their environment. Ironically, fewer food miles points to more money.

I must not of been paying attention - Tesco? too easily suckered conned overpriced?
not the local merchant, that much I have deciphered -
miss you + think that Lady Amber is quite apt - no matter where you may be purchasing your cheese ! always had a grand and wonderful spirit - perhaps too wonderful to fall into the confining title of 'lady' .... hmmmmmmm
that might be curious to try to come up with !! !!!!1

for serious foodies only!
Ha, well TESCO is better than COSTCO!!!!
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