Tuesday, October 14, 2008



After we left Briancon, we drove further up the mountainside into the charming alpine village of Nevache. We were starving and in search of a restaurant recommendation we’d been told about, Chez Nicole where we feasted on Fondue Savoyarde and another dish I’d never heard about, if that’s possible, but mimicked a raclette (potatoes and cheese and lardons, of course). Some Vin du Maison and off we went, fortified, in search of the chalet where Paul spent a summer (43 years ago) with a Dr. Bichet and his wife and four boys. Forty five minutes later, driving through the most incredible scenery I’ve ever had the good fortune to see, Aspen and Larch trees turning color as far at the eye could see, we found the chalet. Sadly, the Doctor wasn’t there, but happily still alive, we drove up the mountain until the road ended at series of foot paths leading deeper into the rocks where Paul said he remembered the most beautiful lakes.

Camping in Nevache has been the most beautiful site on the trip thus far and while it was sad to leave such beauty, today we’ve made our way to Lago di Garda (25 km outside of Verona) where it’s so hot Paul has deserted me for a swim.

Our plan is to wake up early, drive through Verona and then on to Venice where we stay the next two nights and then on to Trento, Slovenia, and Croatia. We’re trying to break new ground, visiting places neither of us has seen except how can I not take the love of my life to Venice? C’est ne pas possible.

Our destination in Croatia is the Island of Pag – they say there is good camping there – we’ll see.

what an enchanting place!!
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